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 The National Archive (TNA) at Kew is the UK government's official archive, containing over 1,000 years of history. It contains over 11 million historical government and public records and is one of the largest collections in the world. From Domesday Book to modern government papers and digital files, the collection includes paper and parchment, electronic records and web sites, photographs, posters, maps, drawings and paintings.

 A visit to TNA is well worthwhile (see the Events page), but if that is not possible a lot of the collection is searchable online e.g.

 There are literally thousands of other sources available on the Web and it would be impossible to list them all here. What follows is therefore a selection of favourite sites that SFHS members have found useful, plus a few others. For more comprehensive lists see GENUKI or Cyndi’s List on the Communities page.

 Information about obtaining wills after 1858: www.gov.uk/search-will-probate

 The central database for UK burials and cremations: www.deceasedonline.com

 Commonwealth War Graves Commission website, containing a database of almost two million men and women of the Commonwealth who died during the two world wars: www.cwgc.org

 Database of arrivals at the Port of New York: www.ellisisland.org

 Historical directories: specialcollections.le.ac.uk/digital/collection/p16445coll4

 The London, Edinburgh & Dublin Gazettes archive: www.thegazette.co.uk

 The Proceedings of the Old Bailey 1674-1913: www.oldbaileyonline.org.uk

 The Clergy of the Church of England Database: www.theclergydatabase.org.uk

 The definitive resource on the workhouse, poor laws and related subjects:

 The British Newspaper Archive:

 A Vision of Britain through Time: www.visionofbritain.org.uk/

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