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Photographic Survey of St. Mary’s, Aston Churchyard

Over the summers of 2012 and 2013 groups of Society members undertook to photograph the monuments in the churchyard of St Mary’s, Aston, with the aim of providing a record of this valuable family history resource. In common with other churchyards, many of the monuments have been ravaged by time and the effects of pollution, vegetation, etc., so this was an attempt to save a snapshot of what remained before even more was lost.

Wherever possible, each monument was photographed in close-up (to allow examination of any inscription), with a second picture of the entire plot. Finally, a photograph of the plot in context with neighbouring monuments is added to aid location. The monuments have been numbered using the system in the booklet “Monumental inscriptions of St Mary, Aston”, compiled by Jean Laidlaw and published by the Hertfordshire Family & Population History Society as No. 27 in their Monumental Inscription Series (1990). This publication was invaluable for our survey, and ideally should be used in conjunction with our photographs. Because this booklet was produced as a commercial product it would not be appropriate for us to transcribe the inscriptions here, but it is readily available at a very reasonable price from the Hertfordshire Family History web-site. Copies are also available for loan from Stevenage Central Library.

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Note that the photographs are hosted on an external system (Flickr) and will appear in a separate window/tab. Simply close this window/tab when you have finished and you can continue browsing this site. Should you get lost/confused by the Flickr navigation system this is also the best solution i.e. close the window and start again!

Project team members:

Area 1: numbers 1-93.      Jean Ferridge / Steve Gooding

Area 2: numbers 159-259   Hilary Tily / Pauline Manley

Area 3: numbers 94-158    Eirwen Palmer / Bernice O’Mahony

Area 4: numbers 260-333   Chris Lewan / Mike Coy

Please note that the area allocated for new interments has not been recorded at present, as it does not feature in the HFPHS booklet. This may be added at a later date.

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