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Looking for family links in Stevenage and the surrounding area? Perhaps we can help.

SFHS is only a small group with limited resources, so we cannot undertake extended research on your behalf. However, we may be able to answer specific questions about the local area, or point you in the right direction. If you have a short question please send a message to our Journal Editor, who will endeavour to help, either in person or by passing the enquiry out to the general membership via our Journal. The Journal Editor can initially be reached via the Contacts page. No promises can be given, but the society has access to a number of Stevenage reference works and has been able to assist people in the past.

Meanwhile some general background links may be useful :-

A good place to start is the local museum, located in the undercroft of St. Andrew and St. George's church on St George’s Way, Stevenage.

Family and local history records for Stevenage are held at the Hertfordshire Records Office in Hertford and administered by Hertfordshire Archives and Library Service (HALS):

HALS also offers a useful search tool called Hertfordshire Names Online

A wide selection of relevant information is available for purchase from the Hertfordshire Family History Society

RootsChat, the largest free family history forum site in the UK, has a Hertfordshire forum where you can ask your questions

If you are resident in Stevenage or visiting you may not be aware of some resources that we have in the town i.e.

  • A Local Studies Section in the Town Centre Library, with access to books and records on Stevenage, plus microfiche records such as the International Genealogical Index. The library also offers free access to some commercial family history resources via their computers, provided that you have a Hertfordshire Librarycard (free, but registration required).
  • Stevenage is lucky to have a Family History Centre in the church buildings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints at Buckthorne Avenue, Stevenage. Details of opening times can be obtained on 01438 351553

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